Disneyland Done

this is all I got

Disneyland was AWESOME, but I seem to have been cursed this - it feels like I lost or broke everything, including the camera- which I dropped... twice, and not after I took a lot of great pictures, so I have very little to show you. Total bummer, hopefully I can get it fixed at home - otherwise it's a good thing I haven't spent all my birthday money.
Anywho - the last 3 days have been soooo much fun. We ate a ton of good food, rode on a bunch of great rides, and Liam was terrific through the whole thing. There were times when he would just cry like the world was ending because he was so tired, but it never lasted for very long. Even when he was fussy, he loved going on rides like Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion, Buzz Lightyear, Jungle Cruise, Alice in Wonderland, Pinnochio, Mr. Toad's Wild ride... if there were others I can't think of them now. The baby swap thing worked out pretty good for us most of the time, 3 of us would go and 2 would wait until we came back - swap the baby and the 2nd group would usually go right up to the front of the line, although sometimes not and that was kind of lame. We did get to do everything we wanted to - even watched the new fireworks show on it's first day (it was a dress rehearsal I think). But we all said we would like at least 1 more day here. Oh, one funny thing is that while is has been like record hot in the Pacific NW it has been unseasonably cool here in SoCal. Like 60's and low 70's... even Todd, with his Alaska thick skin had to buy a jacket. I'm just thankful that I threw a pair of jeans for myself in the suitcase at the last minute! It's supposed to be even cooler in San Diego where we are headed today. At least there was one warm day in Anaheim, so we did get in Splash Mountain and Grizzly River Rapids.
Today our plan is to sleep in (check), get ready leisurely so as to enjoy our hotel (check), pack, eat lunch and shop in Downtown Disney, drive to San Diego. Tomorrow is the Wild Animal Park, and Sea World the next day. Should be fun, as long as we don't freeze!
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