...and one for my mommies.

Ok, first of all thanks for all the advice and encouragement from my fellow moms, Katie, Karen, and Missy... it truly helps to have the experienced folk on my side. And thanks too if you sent a little prayer up for me - how else can you explain that I was sitting with a fussy Liam, feeling grouchy and when I turned on the TV the first thing I saw was "99 Balloons"? I sure made me appreciate my crying baby.
Yesterday, Katie babysat Liam for a couple hours to help me get some sanity back. Of course he slept nearly the whole time for her and today his naps for me would only last for 40 minutes and then he would be wide awake (2 hours total: least naptime yet). Katie also noticed that his lower gum was more swollen than last time she felt it, so the teething theory is still in play. The good news is he's still been sleeping really well during the night.
Liam wasn't as grouchy today as he has been, but we did do a lot more too. Actually it was a rather fun day - Liam and I went for a long walk on the greenbelt with a friend, met Todd for lunch, went for another walk after he got off work, took Liam to meet some family for the first time, and then hung out on the couch for a long time - he was really happy this evening and stayed awake for a looong time, highly unusual.
The camera was supposed to come today and I was bummed that it didn't as it's Liam's 20 week birthday - he's being so cute putting his hands together and his feet together, lately he also scrunches up his nose when he smiles which is so cute that your eyeballs will fall out of your head and roll under the couch*, plus he's getting to be a real chunker - the cheeks are out of control, and I want you to see... so cross your fingers for tomorrow :)

*to steal a fantstic phrase from Girl Gone Child


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