5 Month Birthday!

Can you believe this Super Baby is 5 months old today?
He is doing so great, we added banana baby food to his repertoire- he licks and licks and licks his lips when he's eating, I can't tell if that means he likes it or if he just thinks it's wierd. I also gave him his first biter-biscuit (or whatever it's called), he definitely liked holding onto it and gumming it all up, I had no idea how messy it would be however - we had to have a bath afterwards...
He's also able to sit up on his own if we balance him just right, and Katie informed me that I was wrong - he is doing or at least attempting mini-push-ups. No matter when he goes to bed at night, he's somehow changed his schedule so that he wakes up around 7:15 or 7:30. I usually let him talk and play until 8 before I go get him, it's not the same as sleeping until 8, but it could be worse.
(This picture was just too cute with Liam leaning on his knee like a little old man.) He's just so gosh darn CUTE - he loves to play with people, and stand, and squeal, and take baths, and smile at the baby in the mirror (and the mommy in the mirror). He holds onto my arm when I carry him around, he giggles when I bite his feet, and grunts when I tickle his back.... ahhh, I just love him.

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