4 [5] Month Check-Up...

Yep, Liam was supposed to have a 4 month appointment but nobody ever told me that - so by the time I figured it out, it was a 5 month appointment (and we just went back to the usual doctor, after having bad luck finding a new one).
So the stats are that Liam is just over 16 lbs (49 %ile), 26 inches long (65 %ile), with a 17 in. head circ. (55 %ile) - so all around pretty average, we are happy. He is good to go for starting real "solid" foods, one at a time. The only milestones that the Dr. asked about which Liam hasn't done yet are roll over (but he's sooo close), and do a mini push-up (this he hasn't even attempted). He did charm everybody at the office smiling and even laughing at the nurses!
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