We made it!!!

Yes - finally Friday, finally home! Ay, it was a long week - but you know, there are only 3 like 'em left and that is totally doable! Plus - after Wednesday we can really relax (we have to take the Idaho Reading Indicator - very important). I forgot to mention that Liam turned 14 weeks old yesterday. Which means that half his life ago we were flying to Washington to get Nana and bring her back... crazy! Liam is currently taking a relatively long nap... 2 hours now! Good for him, and good for me. My house is super quiet with Liam and Ripley napping, and my mom having just left to drive to Richland to meet my dad.

Nobody else will be home for an hour and a half and it feels wierd.
Big plans tomorrow: some shopping, Star Trek movie, dinner with Sprague's, and lovely weather - it's shaping up to be a great weekend! Oh, also I finally got a haircut - yay! Otherwise it was "get out the razor honey"...
Addendum: About 15 minutes after I posted the first half, I checked on Liam, and found this...

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