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Ok, so lets see what's new with Liam.... rolling over - nope not yet; sleeping through the night - still no; standing up by himself... ...ha, no - it's just a trick of photography. Liam did go another night without eating though! Although that's not to say that he didn't wake up. I learned this week that babies at 11 lbs. or 3 months (of which he is both) are capable of sleeping through the night... but that they have to be taught to -imagine that! Here I am just waiting for him to do it on his own, but the thing is - and it makes sense - is that he's just used to waking up and having a meal in the middle of the night so I have to train him to realize that he's not really hungry and he can go back to sleep if he wakes up. I really should read those baby books more often! So we have been trying to wean him off his mid-night snacks, first by letting him make noise and hopefully put himself back to sleep (like he did once), but mostly we have to get up a few times to put in the paci and after that he typically goes back to sleep pretty easily. The thing is that I feel bad for my mom who shares a wall with Liam - I don't want her to get crappy sleep; and sometimes I just give in and feed him because I know it will settle the whole matter a lot quicker. On the other hand it would be really nice if he could sleep through the night on his own by the time vacation rolls around (2 1/2 weeks!!!!!).
Liam has been taking good long naps today, hopefully they don't affect his sleep tonight. He also went on the big swing at the park again, and tried to roll over some more, he was a very relaxed and content child today - so nice.
In unrelated news my class took the Idaho Reading Indicator today - our big test - we needed an 80% proficiency score... and we got 85%!!! In case you don't know that's a really big deal - I'm very proud of myself, but mostly of my awesome students - they are fantastic!
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