Nampa's got style...

Auntie Jen is a supermodel!!
Jen and I get our hair done at a place called Studio D here in Nampa, and the lady who owns it has put on a fashion show/charity event/auction the last two years - and lucky Jen got to be a model this year! So Nana and Liam and I went. Liam was mesmerized by all the people and music and disco-esque lights... he was awake and happy almost the whole time but fell asleep right at the end. Jen was gorgeous, the little cheesecakes were yummy, and it was just a good time.
Jen's first look (formal/bridesmaid dress)
her pretty hair-do
walking in her second look (a wedding dress)
dress with up-do

And then my camera died :(
Tune in tomorrow for a Liam - 15 week update!
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