Well now that I went and wrote all those all those wonderful, shining things yesterday about my son, he went and had a bad night for the first time in quite a while, *sigh*... oh well, at least it's Friday and maybe I/we can a little extra sleep this weekend - cross your fingers for us.

Liam went in for another vaccination today - we asked for some updated info on him but they only managed to get him weighed, so at least we know that he is now 13 1/2 lbs. (which puts him anywhere from the 25th to 50th %ile - according to my internet research). I did my own length measurement and he appears to be about 25 inches (75th to 90th %ile) - long and skinny, he is.

I hate the shots - they make him grouchy and that's just so not him. Normally he'd be happy for at least an hour or two after he's napped and eaten... but this afternoon and evening it's been like 20 minutes of smiles and conversation, and then polar opposite grumps for the next hour. When he was happy though, he was sooo happy - he laughed quite a bit at his daddy (cue heart bursting with joy), and talked and talked to me - it's funny, he makes noises that sound like "Ok", "yeh", and "hi" - and usually it's the proper response for whatever you've just said to him. He's a genius.

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