Happy birthday to me*, happy birthday to me**...

The first half of my birthday, the really really early half, was not so great. Turns out taking away all of Liam's crib comforts at once was a very bad idea. I lost track of how many times he cried/we got up last night after about 6... ugh. He did NOT like having his face smashed up against the wood, plus he lost his paci a hundred-and-one times and was mad about it every time (atypical) - once it even fell through the slats under the crib and we had to go fishing in the dark for it. Also, I didn't realize how much light from the nightlight that the bumper was blocking out of the crib... Anyway, needless to say I was exhausted today and apparently so was Liam (with good reason) since I hear he slept a lot while I was at work... jealous. School was fine, a normal day, I did get a few cards and lots of hugs though.
But this evening was grand - Todd was home so we took advantage of the great weather + Liam already being asleep in the stroller and went for a walk. Then we had pork tacos (sooo yummy) and strawberry cake with homemade ice cream (extremely full now). I got some birthday calls from family, watched American Idol, and well - here I am. We just put Liam down minus bumper but added back a few other things, wish me birthday luck!
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