Half-way to hump-day...

Ugh - it's Tuesday, my second to least favorite day - after Monday of course. Sunday was such a great day that this Monday was especially hard. Ironically, Sunday used to be one of my least favorite days - you're tired from Saturday, all you can think about is that the weekend is almost over, and usually there's not a whole lot of fun stuff to do. But this was perfect - after Liam woke up and we brought him into our bed and we all snuggled. As usual - in the morning - he was so happy and smiley - he is laughing more and even squeals sometimes, which is aDORable! Anyways - we played, and napped, and shopped, and watched a movie - it was just a relaxing happy day... makes it all the harder to get up early and go to a job that you are just tired of (what would teachers do if there were no summer break?).

The only good thing about Tuesday is that tomorrow is Wednesday and that means the week is half over - woo! Like my logic? I know I shouldn't rush these days - because while I'm wishing the week away (well actually the month), Liam is getting bigger every day - he'll be 4 months old before I'm out of school (only 17 days away!). But I'm just really really really really looking forward to the summer when I can be with him all day, and we can play/laugh/rest/whatever we please!

Well sorry about the long whine... I always write the best bloggings in my head just before I fall asleep, then the next day when I go to type them - I'm blank... this was the best I could do from my fog of a memory.

so little, so big

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