My brain is an end-of-the-school-year-my-mom-is-leaving-vacation-is-coming-baby-is-crazy mishmash... things happen every day and I think "I'll blog about that" but then I get busy and don't get to it right away and of course forget the things. Sometimes when I start typing things come to me so that's what I'm doing now...
6 more teaching days left and how weird is that?! We've been having so many parties and free-times it's hard to have days where I actually have to teach all day (and hard for them to listen all day)... we're all just trudging through right now. I also can't believe that we leave for vacation in less than 2 weeks!!!!
Liam is turning into a wild man - he screamed louder than I have ever heard him scream the other day, and I don't even know why he did it! He's also been flipping all around at night so we finally had to take out everything from his crib: toys, blankets, even the cute bumper... 3 times last night we found him with his face buried in it (don't worry, he was breathing). It will be interesting to see how things go tonight between the wooden slats and Liam's face. He has been sleeping through the night most of the time, not needing to eat until 5 or 6 and then usually goes back to sleep for a little longer. I am so well rested - it's amazing! Ooh, also - whenever we decide to go to the store and buy some, we can start feeding Liam rice cereal! I'm looking forward to it - but Todd insists his first food will be at Disneyland - we'll see.
I just have to give in to my sappy-mommy-love and say that my baby is the cutest, actually the most beautiful baby I've ever seen - really, I'm not even biased! His eyes are so big and dark and his nose and mouth are so sweet and uniquely him and he has the most heart-warming smile ever... ever. Ok, now it's said and I feel better that the world knows :)
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