Almost there, almost...

Uhhh - will Friday just come already! Today was an easy day but it seemed to last forever, and tomorrow I have to be at school even longer ("Muffins for Moms" before school). Liam was kind of a fusser today, no clear reason why... except that he wouldn't take good naps today, that's the only thing I can guess. We did figure out that he's gotten too used to being held to fall asleep - but between Nana wanting to spoil her grandson (and probably realizing that her time left with him is limited) and me wanting to hang onto him the whole evening after I get home, he really doesn't have the option of going to sleep on his own any more or staying asleep in anything other than loving arms. So we are trying to make the swing work again, or the just swaddle + paci + lay down awake and cry method. It's a bummer though.
So looking forward to a fun first Mother's Day weekend - I will hold him as much as I want because I'm a mom and I can!
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