What a weekend!

Yesterday was a great day - I loved spending the morning with Liam and took tons of adorable pictures of him, which you will have to wait a few days for :-) Later we went to Target and Costco - which Liam actually enjoyed, but I'm thinking it was because Auntie Jen carried him the whole time. Yesterday evening we went over to the Sprague's for dinner - fun, as always, but Liam was kind of a crank, but he did get to try out Lucas' Bumbo chair and bring it home with him! Liam and Lucas talked to each other lots, and Lucas tried to play with Liam, but that darn mommy of his wouldn't let him.
Last night was not a good one; Liam has been sleeping till 3 and then till 8 usually (with sometimes an extra feeding at 6), but last night he woke up at 1, 3, 5, 7, and at 9, then I finally dragged myself out of bed. Of course he had a thousand smiles for me this morning... but the rest of the day he has been grouchy. Poor guy, whatever is wrong I hope it gets squared away soon, for both our sakes. He is sleeping now finally - I think I'll get a nap too, 'cause here comes another week!
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