We have poop!

(Some day Liam will totally roll his eyes at that title, but oh well for now. )
Yes finally - day 5 - the day when you are really supposed to start worrying about no poop, he finally pooped... we figure he heard the words "doctor" and "enema" and decided to let go. Thank goodness!
Yesterday Liam met his cousins and aunt and uncle for the first time - it was a very sweet moment. He spent all day today with them and you could tell that they really love him, and vice versa. Auntie Jeran got some adorable pics of the cousins together that I'll have to post as soon as I can get them from her. I already wish Liam's (and our) time with them wasn't going to be so short, but I'm glad for the time we have to make memories.
We finally got some sleep last night, it wasn't perfect, but there wasn't any middle-of-the-night crying. However, it seems that finally getting some sleep has just made me more tired, like my body finally realized what it was missing and got depressed about it, 'cause today I hit a wall. I'm a zombie - saying and doing weird things.
And with that said, I'm going to bed... fred.
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