Sleep! It ain't no joke...

Woohoo, last night Liam slept for 6 hours, which means that mommy got 5 glorious hours of sleep... that may not sound like much to you, but to me it was the difference between looking like death-warmed-over and... well... the opposite of that. Now that his cough/cold are going away his night sleep is getting better - if only I could stop going in to check on him in the middle of the night... I think it bothers him. Oh, and hey - I'm writing to you at 10:30 from my bed - yep, broke my 11 o'clock habit.
I actually enjoyed teaching today, although I am having to do some damage control from my substitutes leniency on hand raising, ugh - that's not super fun, but as long as I can stay consistent with the consequences it'll be over soon. I got a new student today and was reminded for the 50th time what a great class I have - the poor kid was either suuuper shy or scared, but my kids were so excited for him to come and so eager to show him around and help him and encourage him today... there is not a mean kid in the bunch! I'm also excited because tomorrow is Thursday and that means the next day is Friday (which always goes fast) and then it's the weekend (WOOHOO), and I plan on taking some cute new pictures for ya!
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