The Good, the Bad, and the Nana

The good news: my daffodils are blooming and it was 76 and sunny today!!

The bad news: Liam hasn't pooped in 4 days and hasn't let us sleep for 3 nights! He's also always hungry it seems... so maybe an early growth spurt, maybe a less-than-great reaction to eating more formula, maybe I'm not making enough to fill him up anymore, maybe who knows what?! I dread going to bed at night. Thankfully though I haven't been a zombie at work, just after I get home.

I need to take this opportunity to thank my mom for taking such good care of Liam during the day, and doing so much for us in the evening (which you don't have to do Mom, but still...). I know it's challenging to take care of a little baby, no matter how cute or sweet he is :-), and I appreciate it - so does Liam.

thanks Nana

(and thanks Poppa for letting Nana come)

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