Is it summer already? If you can comfortably wear shorts and a tank top - then it must be! I love Idaho; I know in other places it gets warm much earlier, but do they appreciate spring as much as we do? It truly felt like the last day of school today, we didn't have students and spent the second half of the day out in the sunshine and 80+ deg. weather! I of course have my first sunburn of the year to show for it, not a good one either - it's one bright red arm with matching farmer tan line and a ring around my whole neck... no sleeveless shirts for a while I guess. The forecast shows 2 more gloriously sunny and warm days before it drops back to the 50's for a bit, so I plan to make the most of them - planting more flowers and going for more walks. We took Liam for a little one today, he needs to get used to the Bjorn more, so we popped a hat on his head and took off - it was short, but fun. I'm going to attach a few pictures for ya, he's almost 12 weeks old!!
Sorry it's been a while since I updated you last... such a busy weekend. We celebrated Auntie Jen's birthday, hung out with family, and had "uncle" Pat visit and meet Liam for the first time. It really has felt like some sort of vacation.
As far as eating goes, we are still struggling some, but not nearly like the last time I wrote. He will nurse for a few minutes and then get fussy, so we always finish with a bottle. It seems now that the problem could be a combo of getting tired of sucking (bottle = laziness) and that he's just not getting enough. So I'm trying hard to drink more water, pump more often, and taking fenugreek to try to bump the milk supply up. I'll let you know how it goes. I'm feeling better day, been battling with allergies for the last 5 days or so - although I felt more like I was dying of pneumonia, even if I don't have my voice back at least today I can breathe through my nose!

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