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So, to catch you up (brace yourself, this one is a doozy)... Tuesday- Bakersfield McConnel's (Todd's brother's family) get into town and meet Liam. Wednesday- Liam spent all day with them, then we all went to dinner at Tucano's (yum-yum) where he had the big poop. Thursday- a normal day except that I took Liam with me to a Vallivue teacher of the year banquet so he could be adored by the other teachers :) Friday- my dad arrived and both families (mine and Todd's) all came over for dinner and to play some Wii and Guitar Hero. Saturday- both families went to Todd's parents for breakfast and Auntie Jeran's delicious crepes and filled pancakes!

being fed by cousin Denali . . . . . . . . . .laughing with Auntie Jeran

Liam's first Easter Egg Hunt (which he slept through entirely) and Easter dinner were that evening, of course we were a bit late since Liam pooped at the literal last minute, and then kept pooping while he was being changed, and then peed on his outfit - great.

Liam found an egg!. . . . . . . . hanging with Uncle Lonnie

This morning Liam opened (read: looked at) his Easter basket, and then we went to church and had his dedication - he did pretty good for being hungry and tired - a little ways into the pastor's prayer (while holding Liam), he started to fuss into the microphone and when I realized that he wasn't going to cut the prayer short so as to avoid an all out fit I leaned over and stuck my finger in his mouth until that was over. Then we went to Panda Express/Qdoba for lunch and said goodbye to Lonnie, Jeran, Denali, and Dylan who were in a hurry to start their drive back to CA and get to work tomorrow!

Easter morning

the this-is-NOT-funny twins . . . . . . . . . . . all the "cousints"

It was a really fun weekend! Although, I nearly lost it a few times being so frustrated at myself for having no brain. Seriously, I am clearly losing my mind and I don't know if it's infancy-induced-sleep-depravation, or if this is my new life as a mom... But that aside, we loved introducing Liam to his aunt and uncle and especially his cousins who adore him. We don't get to see them that much, but I really hope we can again soon and keep that bond.
McConnels & McConnels & McConnels
Denali, Dylan, & Liam

Liam is changing every day - he's definitely filling out, which you can probably tell from pictures, he's getting very chubby cheeks and a serious double chin, oh and his neck is really strong now too. He still smiles all the time, sometimes copying your smile; and can hold a conversation with you - you talk, he talks, you talk, he talks - it's so fun (but of course he won't do it for the camera). He's good at sucking on his hand or arm now - so good that we're wondering if he's going to teeth early (ugh, let's hope not) - plus he's drooling and blowing bubbles like crazy.
Knights & McConnels
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