Another week...

We are well into another week... (only 6 weeks and 3 days of school left!) I'm typing while watching Liam play under his little einsteins ocean gym - he used to just lay and look, and maybe kick a leg every now and then. Now he kicks and moves constantly, he chatters away and sort of laughs, and he actually grabs and shakes the hangy things - he grabs them! I'm also noticing how much more space he takes up on it than he used to. Question: how is he not a tiny newborn who does nothing but eat and sleep anymore? I really don't understand!
Liam had his first 2 mo. shot today (we are spacing them out), but I heard that he barely cried and he seems to be doing well today. Actually, he has been doing really well for the last 4 days - since he had that last minute poop on Saturday (which I didn't go into detail about, but it was really sick) he has had a normal poop everyday and has been having no trouble sleeping at night, it's been sooo nice! So that I don't tempt fate with all of my boasting I will say that I am definitely getting sick and feel yucky; hopefully it will just be the usual cold, but still I hate being sick around the baby. Todd is out of town tonight for his job and I am sure glad to have my mom here, not that I couldn't do it, but it's just a reassurance to have her around.
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