The Weekend

Friday: A pretty calm day over all, Liam took lots of naps, I got some chores done including going to Walmart to pick up over nearly 300 pictures taken since Christmas - mostly of Liam. We went to the mall that evening with Steve and Linda - funny story, Linda was carrying a sleeping Liam around a The Children's Place when he pooped so loud and abruptly that Linda looked for all the world like she was going to drop him like a hot potato until she remembered he was a baby and not a bomb that exploded in her arms, we laughed really hard and changed him right away - he was millimeters away from needing a new outfit, we were in the right place at least... it was a poop-splosion of epic proportions. Oh, and he went to bed so nicely - 8 minutes, 1 paci replacement!
Saturday: Another calm day, Todd pretty much took over parenting duties so I could try to finally get announcements ready to send out (better late than never) - I did take Liam with me to a Scentsy party at Kristin's house where he got lots of attention and took a nap in her arms, she better be careful or she's going to become "Auntie Kristin"! I got a new pot, and several scents - I'm going to move my old pot into Liam's room so it doesn't smell like poo and so he has a good nightlight in there :) He only took 1 good nap though, and he looked tired but still was very awake this evening - I fed him at 9:30 and we tried to put him down at 10, but over the next 45 minutes he spit out his paci about a billion times and cried so intensly that I just got frustrated and gave up, refusing to feed him again, but Todd thought he was hungry so he gave him a bottle. Of course Liam gulped it down and then went right to sleep... grr.
Sunday: Seemed lazy and busy... after last nights sleep I didn't think I could drag myself out of bed for church, but I did - only a 1/2 hour late - again, better late than never? Then we went to lunch with the McConnel-Curtis-Ackley bunch, afterwards Grandma came over to hang with Liam so I could take a nap. Later, we went to Costco to buy our theme park tickets for our summer vacation - we just couldn't wait. Besides some gas trouble (I think) this afternoon Liam was a very happy boy all day... until bedtime. I fed him until he was bursting at the seams and tried to put him down at 8:45, he was tired with only 1 and 1/2 naps today, but he wasn't having that so I fed him more and tried again, still not having it (like immediately spitting out his paci the second I walked out of the room) so he had to do some crying - I only let him go 2-5 minutes before I went in to give him the paci and try to comfort him. He didn't conk out till 10:00. In the meantime (while I wait to go put the paci in) I'm getting lots of cleaning done in my closet!
holding his head up so high!
loves his play gym - smiles and talks to the lights! (thanks emma & caleb)
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