We made it!

Day 1 down - 43 to go! There were quite a few tears this morning - mine, not his, but once school was in full swing I was too busy to feel bad and the day just flew by. Before I knew it I was home to a very hungry, then very happy baby - it was wonderful. It sounds like Liam was an angel for Nana - except for one funny thing... after Liam had a bath he had a poopy diaper, so when she went to change him, she set a new diaper underneath and opened the old one, well I guess immediately there was poo everywhere - on his clothes, his new diaper, on her - so after several wipes she finally had him clean and went to wash her hands before she redressed him. She walked back in the room to find him peeing on himself. So needless to say, he may need another bath sooner than later :-)
Thanks for your prayers and support, I wouldn't have made it through the day without having so many people helping me through it - I love you all!!
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