We made it!

first plane ride

Writing to you from WA now - traveling yesterday was a success! Once we were at the airport Liam got a little cranky - he was taking his morning nap in the car on the way, when we so rudely woke him up to put him into the Baby Bjorn - he was still tired but fought sleep for that whole hour before the flight. But let me say that the Bjorn was a lifesaver in the security line - I don't know how I would've made it through if I had to hold him, my ticket, get out my liquids, take off my shoes, put it all in a bin - blech! And on top of that once you make it through they rush you to get out of the area, even though you're trying to get your shoes on, pick up your stuff, not lose your ticket, and oh yeh hang on to a baby!! I have a whole new respect for parents who are brave enough to travel with their kids... Anywho - I held off feeding him until we got on the plane and then started him on a bottle when we were taking off - he fell asleep almost right away and didn't wake up until landing when I fed him the rest of the bottle (I was worried about his ears, but I think he would've been fine).
The traveling and new surroundings are affecting him only a little, he didn't poop for 48 hours, has a very hard time napping, and of course has reverted to his old bedtime tricks (ie. - not going to sleep) but I sort of expected that one. Otherwise he's been a very cute and happy kid, smiling and talking a ton, and getting LOTS of attention from his Nana and Poppa.
ahh - the soothing sound of a jet engine

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