Two-steps forward, one-step back...

hmm, what's that about?...

One step forward - waking up to eat once in the night
Two steps forward - sleeping on his back in his crib!!
One step back - waking up 3,492 times last night to eat or whatnot

Yep - after I fed him and he was asleep I put him down for a nap in his crib with some relaxing baby music (thanks Daena and Del!) - he woke up once for his paci, then he woke up again because he lost it and that time I turned on the vibrating mattress - he slept for about 45 minutes... not as long as in the swing, but at least we know it's do-able. I know I should have tried for that last night too.. but I chickened out... he didn't want to go to bed again and wanted to eat so much that I'm pretty sure he was just sucking fumes by the end there.

We went to Babies R Us yesterday to look for a cute Easter outfit 0-3 months and found nothing (let me know if you do!), but we came back with some cute new pacifiers that he seems to like more - or at least be able to keep in his mouth longer.

Sorry no pictures yet - my stupid computer is slow as molasses in winter... want to chuck it through the window, and also the only way to upload new pictures is to restart the whole computer every time, which also takes forever... I'm doing my best!
(Ok - pictures added now... scroll down to see what's new)
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