My Fault...

I have been giving Liam preventative Mylicon after every nighttime feeding, but since he hasn't been having tummy trouble during the day lately I decided to get lazy last night with the meds, and boy did that backfire. The poor baby woke up at 5am in pain trying to get those bubbles out, the noises he makes were comical and pitiful at the same time. He never asked for food but after 45 minutes of off and on whimpering I just fed him so I could give him medicine. So basically it's my fault that I didn't get a good nights sleep. Won't be making that mistake again.... Alright enough of that sad story.

Now I might sound sappy or whatever, but I just have to say that after staring at his sweet face in the dim light of the wee hours last night, I realized that Liam is pure magic - and he doesn't need wands or tricks - he just is. When his big dark eyes look at you, you tell me there's not something magical about him!
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