Last day...

Tomorrow is my last day - I'm sad. Today the weather was supposed to be warm and sunny, like I should have been happy to have another full day with my baby - but instead, like so many tears I want to cry, it rained today.
And that's the last I'll say about it.
Yesterday Liam went for his 2 months check up and he is almost 11 lbs. and almost 23 inches - all was normal. I'm not sure I like this Dr. - he is always late to for our appointment and then rushes through it, he doesn't give us percentile's and benchmarks like I hear other parents talk about. If anybody knows a good pediatrician in Nampa let me know. Liam was supposed to get shots - but since he has been kind of sick, he got to put them off for another day (when Nana has to be there instead of mommy). Poor baby has a yucky cough and his nose has been getting all gooped up - he sure hates the sucker. But boy, when he's in a good mood though, it's a really good mood!
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