Ladies & Gentlemen - start your lawn mowers!

It's the first day of spring and there is the smell of fresh cut grass in the air - I've seen at least 3 lawn mowers already today! It probably helps too that the weather is GoRgEoUs! Sunny and 70 is the forecast, it was already 63 at noon and I did not need a jacket outside. Liam and I tested the Baby Bjorn by walking to get the mail and taking Ripley out - he did not like the sunshine, but he'll learn. The Bjorn is great, it's so sturdy and easy - so far Liam likes it as long as I'm moving... but he'll learn to like that more too.
Dare I say that we have the bedtime ritual down? He went down great again last night, even though he took a rather long evening nap. It will be interesting to see what happens with naps (usually taken in the swing) and bedtime when we are at my parents house. Sorry I haven't taken any new pictures lately, been so busy trying to get ready for the trip and for going back to work. Today is already nuts - this morning I couldn't get Liam settled down for a nap, then I had to take him to the hospital for his second heel prick (which was completely awful for me, not as much for him), I keep forgetting things and have to waste time backtracking, I have nothing packed, and most of the house is a total mess! Probably what I should do is stop blogging and get to work - me, procrastinate? No...
We'll let you know how the flight and everything goes!
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