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Sorry it's been a while since I've posted... either we've had very boring, lazy days where there was nothing to report, or we've had super busy days where there wasn't time to blog!
Liam has been doing pretty good lately; getting better with burping, therefore less tummy problems (although he did have 1 whole day with no burps at all - wierd), he has also taken to spitting out the Mylicon (his swaddle blanket that he sleeps in is covered with it - gross), but he still seems to be doing ok; at least he can keep the Gripe Water down. He's also letting me sleep more - we abandoned the early bedtime thing, I got no sleep with that. He's definitely going through a growth spurt right now - yesterday he slept practically all day and today all he wants to do is eat and not sleep. Between Kristin and Katie I actually know why my child does the things he does!

mmm.. me hungry

We did have a fun weekend - Saturday night we had the Sprague's over for dinner and Liam was so content to lay on the floor with Auntie Katie and Lucas. Then Sunday, Liam got his very first Build-a-Bear, only it was a monkey... pictures to come. Today we went to visit school - that's always fun; the kids are so cute about the baby and missing me, and his second grade "aunties" are so sweet with him. Only 3 more weeks until I'm no longer just visiting when I feel like it :( That's right, next weekend we (Liam and I) fly to Seattle to visit Nanna and Poppa in Bremerton during spring break, then Nanna will drive us back home so she can take over when I go back to work. I'm so glad that she is, otherwise I'd probably be a basket case just thinking about leaving him for that long!

"It is kind of wierd to cuddle the likeness of Todd." ~Katie Sprague (ha!)

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