Home again, home again...

We made it home in one piece! We had a good time in Bremerton hanging out with family and friends (and the kids of those friends). It's so strange to me that when I go back there it feels the same as it did 10 years ago - and I feel the same as I did 10 years ago - even though SO much has changed - how is that possible?
We started our journey home yesterday - my mom, Liam, and I in her van - but with the yuck weather we weren't able to go through the passes or through the Blues, so we went the long way around through Portland and then stayed the night with friends in the Tri-Cities. It was a long day, but Liam did very well - he slept most of it, ate twice, pooped through his clothes once, and fussed only a little. I expected to have a rough night after all of that sleep and with being in another new house, but he slept great. *Knock on wood* Liam has been sleeping 5 hour stretches regularly now - it's been fanTAStic!
Today we drove the rest of the way, only stopping once. It's so good to be home, where the swing is - naps are possible again! As soon as we walked in the door Liam had lots of smiles for Todd, and had lots of things to tell him too - it was so cute. As I write - he's being cuddled by Daddy and grinning away.
Oh and I can't forget to tell you that Liam is 8 weeks old today - his eyelashes have grown in (and are adorable), there is a little bald spot on the back of his head from moving around so much, he talks a ton, he's making almost-laughs, and he is getting really good at getting his fist to his mouth!
old friends, new babies


at home you can let it all hang out

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