Grumpy bugger...

I've been a grump lately (in case you haven't noticed), I feel like all I do is whine at you and it's bugging me. By now I ought to know that not every day is going to be the same, just because progress was made doesn't mean that it will continue, and I will probably never feel like I completely know what I'm doing. That said the last 3 nights Liam has gone down beautifully - I've been putting him down sleepy but very much awake and he has gone to sleep on his own, I only had to put the paci in once each night after several hours (I know this can't be here to stay, but that's all right, I'll just be thankful for what I've got!).
The other reason I'm grumpy is that this is technically my last week of maternity leave, next week is spring break and Liam and I are flying to Washington which will be so fun, but the next 2 days are my last with just me and my little baby - the next time it's just me and him he'll be 4 months old!
Hopefully the warm sun we're supposed to have the rest of the week will perk me up - I do love spring!
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