My heart broke all to pieces last night when I laid my baby down to sleep in his crib in the room across the hall. Of course it took literally an hour of putting in the paci, or restarting his mattress, or rocking him before he fell asleep... but after that I heard not a peep for 4 hours. I was tough and didn't cry when I laid down in my bed and looked at the empty bassinet; but I'll tell ya, I didn't sleep as good as Liam did, I laid awake most of the night listening for noises or getting up to check for breath. When he did wake up to eat at 2:30 I was quite happy to get up and feed him, from then on he slept in his bassinet (without the carseat in it) which I had set up the same way as the crib... and he slept quite well that way also, waking up at 6:30 and then 9:30 to eat.
I know it's good to get a real bed-time routine with him and to get him sleeping in his own room - it's just that I'm not ready for my baby to be more independent!
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