Adventures in video...

I had my 6-week check-up yesterday, I passed although I'm definitely not as good as new (is anybody ever though?) - can't tell you how happy I am not to have to go back there for a long time. One thing I thought was very interesting and exciting is that my weight was 127 at the first appointment, 158 at the last one, and 131 yesterday!! I'm going to have to credit breastfeeding and my genes for that one... but don't get me wrong, I still only have 1 pair of pants that fit.

Last night Liam went to sleep after 3 paci replacements and 30 minutes - so that's improvement!.. but it wasn't a good nights sleep unfortunately; he didn't sleep as long before his first meal and had a bad battle with gas (no idea why - he had mylicon and gripe water before going down).

We had a nice meal with the Sprague's yesterday - Liam liked Lucas' play gym and smiled at himself in the mirror... Lucas liked Liam's foot for playing with. Then Auntie Katie entertained Liam for a while - he had a good time.

I'm venturing into video now... but I do not know how to edit, so these get a little boring by the end :) And please don't pay attention to my embarrassing babytalk.

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