5 Weeks Old!

5 weeks and I can't believe how big he's getting! His baby acne is clearing up, he's making more "ahgoo" sounds, smiling a ton when you tickle him, get a lot stronger with his head, and the Newborn size clothes are being packed away.
Last night his tummy was certainly better, but he wanted to eat more often - ugh. Also, we are having trouble putting him to bed... he's tired and ready by 8 or 9, but I'm not! Like I've said before unless I want to lay there in the dark holding his paci in for half an hour he can't stay asleep. After he eats, falls asleep, and we lay him down - 5 to 15 minutes later he's crying his little head off. Last night we went up and put the paci back in 3 times before we just brought him downstairs and held his paci in while he laid next to Todd on the couch. What else should we be doing to get him to go to bed on his own?
Today has been good - I got tons of smiles this morning, we went to lunch with Grandma again, and Liam took a 2 hour nap! However he also puked 3 times and totally filled tons of diapers - I wonder what that's about?

waa! no more poop!

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