So many firsts...

Although the weather turned out to be not nearly as nice as predicted, we did have Liam's first BBQ yesterday, as always we had fun with the Spragues... if you want to see pictures, go to Katie's blog at Today we took Liam to church for the first time, he was a very good boy even though he was overdue for a meal. Everybody said how sweet, or cute, or precious he was - and that he was definitely a boy - it's funny how many times we've gotten that comment. Then another first, Liam went to visit Grandma and Grandpa McConnel at their house; while Grandma entertained him, Todd and I took a much-needed nap. And this evening Liam got to see his Great Aunt Tessa and Great Granny for the first time (isn't Skype awesome!) - he was kind of grouchy though, so we'll have to try that again. Liam's had a bad time of it since last night... I think he's having some kind of tummy trouble again, I'm just not sure what kind or what to do to help him.
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