Second Day "Alone"!

I say "alone" in quotations because I'm learning that we are really not! After a busy morning of trying to wake up (after so little sleep) and get both of us ready to go, we ran off to my dentist appointment which Liam thankfully slept through. Then we ran to Freddie's for some baby wipes and ice cream (essentials). Liam had his second play date today - this time with Stephanie and baby Luke who is 3 months - can't believe I didn't get any pictures. While they were still here Katie and Ethan came over to deliver cookies E had made for Liam :) Minutes after they left Todd got home from work and then Jen came over to hold Liam. So basically I had about 15 minutes of quiet snuggles with Liam the whole day... whew was it a whirlwind - but it is certainly good to know how surrounded we are by good friends and family!
So far Liam has had a more "normal" day - awake for a while in the morning and afternoon and not fussy so far this evening - pray for us that we get some sleep tonight.

{Life has just been so hectic I haven't had time to blog - so I'm doing a 3-in-1 today, make sure you scroll down, lots of pictures!}
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