4 Weeks Old (and not so happy)...

Can't believe he was born 4 weeks ago - it feels like yesterday and like forever ago at the same time! We are so happy God surprised us with him!
On a more bummer of a note - the last few days have been rough because Liam is having trouble again. I can say with some confidence that it's not colic, at least not as defined by all the baby books - because he is consolable - it just takes almost constant work to do so. We have a few happy awake hours a day, but for the rest of the time when he's awake, and not eating, you had better be holding that paci in his mouth or else. I'm still pretty sure it's gas that he's really struggling with, and the Mylicon doesn't seem to be helping much, but I still use it quite frequently anyway. The nurse (yes, Granny, I called) thinks that the trouble is he's not burping after I feed him... and that could be, but I just can't get him to! I tried burping him all the different ways I know of, and I keep trying past 4 minutes - but most of the time he just won't - that's when I give him the medicine. He's also been spitting up a lot lately, and not just a little bit - outfit ruining amounts. He even woke up up in the middle of a sleep cycle last night straining and working on those tummy bubbles - when the paci won't even work, you know he doesn't feel good, and when that happens mommy doesn't feel good either.
Some fun things we have done are going to lunch with Grandma, having another playdate with Claire (some actual interaction went on this time), having daddy home to play today, reading Disneyland books, and having Auntie Jen over for dinner.

(two cute new big boy outfits-one funny face)

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