No rest for the weary...

Yep, unfortunately Liam is not so much into sleeping at night... he is either too awake to sleep, or fussy, or hungry. Part of the problem could be that he sleeps better during the day - with all the lights on and the tv up loud; part of it could be his newly formed attachment to his pacifier which settles him down only for so long as he can keep it in his mouth (which can sometimes be a matter of seconds) then screams when it falls out; or it could be that he's having a growth spurt since the Dr. said today that Liam now weighs 9 POUNDS!! He gained a pound and a half in the last 2 weeks! I do have to go ahead and give myself a pat on the back for that one. There have been plenty of times when I wasn't sure if he was getting enough to eat and I would worry and feel bad, so it's really good to know that he is filling up... but 9 lbs.!!! I'm kind of sad that I missed the 8 lb. phase - I know I really didn't, it just feels like I did since I didn't know about it. I should have guessed though because he definitely has grown a double chin and his little tummy is getting rounder. We knew he was getting longer (22 in. now) because his big feet are trying to bust out the bottoms of his newborn outfits. My baby is changing so fast! A few other new things for us in the last few days are: lots of noise (not just crying) - grunting, noises that sound like laughing or talking - he's got a voice!; also now peeing out his diapers/outfits - but not out the front of them, it's out the sides or the back - how does he do this??; and lastly crying with tears... they break momma's heart.
Daddy goes back to work tomorrow, it's been nice having him home for the last three days - we have been having fun spending some time together as a family, and it was nice to have his help at night - but the weekend's over so here we go for Mommy and Liam week #2!

(see the neck rolls!)

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