Fun times...

I think this kid is going to be brilliant, he is so alert and takes everything in - his eyes are always darting around or intensely staring. Plus he can hold his head up for so long - and Todd is sure he was trying to crawl last night.
Anywho - yesterday Todd took one of his state mandated days off, so we hung out in the morning and went to Costco for lunch and shopping; then Liam and I went to visit Auntie Jen at work. In the evening we went over to the Sprague's for dinner and dessert - Liam ( or "Neenum" as Ethan calls him) managed to poop twice and pee through his clothes for Katie in the span of about 45 minutes - it was fun and funny! Last night I decided not to try putting him in his bassinet, I was too tired to deal with it - and he slept really well, so it was a good decision.
Then today Liam and I went to visit our friends at Desert Springs. First I showed him off to my class - who were super excited and so cute with him (I'll post pictures later), then he snuggled up with some teachers - there's lots of love at that school! Afterwards we had some Qdoba - yummy - for lunch and came home to relax. He did have on another cute big boy outfit today that I was going to photograph - but he puked on himself and then peed through it and my clothes - so needless to say we are both wearing different outfits.
We are still having beautiful weather and looking forward to more walks and maybe a BBQ!
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