First Day Alone!

After Nana and Poppa left yesterday morning Liam and I sat down to have some quiet time, and no more than 2 minutes in - he blew out his first diaper of the day, so after I changed him I decided to just go ahead and give him a bath - a real one since the cord fell off! (By the way - does poop not answer to the laws of gravity? How does it manage to travel up his back and leave his diaper practically untouched?!) He screamed before and after the bath - but when he was in the water - he was transfixed - maybe it feels a little like being back in the womb? It was fun having bath time, but a lot of work for me - so next time I'll probably wait until Daddy can be there to help. After he was clean it was my turn, so I put him in the car seat on the floor in the bathroom where he quickly fell asleep - shoot. The day before Liam had been awake almost all day! Then at night had slept for 5 hours and then 4 hours - so I was hoping for a repeat... but as all these moms keep telling me - every day with a baby is different, how true. Anyways - to fill our day I decided to take Liam down to Grandma Linda's work so she could show him off, this ended up being much more work than I had planned on. Making sure he was fed, changed, dressed, changed again, and in his carseat was only half the battle - then there was making sure I was fed and dressed, plus getting together all the necessary mommy and baby items - ay yi yi - I was sweating bullets, but I actually did manage to make it there - if only 8 minutes before everybody left for lunch! After that Grandma was nice enough to take us out to lunch - Liam's first meal out (Qdoba of course - also his last meal "in"!). After lunch we came home and relaxed - I took some really cute pictures when he was awake, and then he fell asleep and I just held him. After school my friend and co-worker Kristin and her baby Claire came over - they brought us dinner from friends at school and stayed to talk and play - it was really fun, although Liam was unconcious most of the time. Claire is almost 6 months and I couldn't believe how different she was from Liam - goodness they change so much so quickly! Todd came home shortly afterwards, and from that point on Liam was really fussy and didn't give us a very good nights sleep either - I'm thinking something was up with his tummy. Overall though Liam and Mommy had a really fun first day together!

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