3 Weeks Old!

Since Liam is 3 weeks old today, I dressed him in a big boy outfit and he looks older - I don't like it very much, although the outfit is super cute (and do you see how big his feet are!).

Thankfully, nights have been getting a little better. I got 5 straight hours of sleep again the other day the rest of the time he sleeps for 3 or 4 hours at once. I tried to transition him to sleeping flat on his back in the bassinet (from his car seat) last night, and he screamed himself to sleep. After his 3 am meal I just put him back in his car seat - I didn't feel like having that battle again in the middle of the night - but maybe we'll try again tonight...

Yesterday was so fun - we've been having really beautiful, relatively warm weather so we put together our new stroller and took Liam for his first walk! We felt very family-ish :-)

He also had his second real bath and loved it again, I think he
would've stayed in there until he was blue.
In other news, I had my annual skin check yesterday and all was well - no biopsies or anything -wahoo!


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