12 Things I Love About Liam...

12. I love that his toes are so long they can grip things.
11. I love the fuzzy dark hair on his ears, shoulders, and back
10. I love how soft his head is.
9. I love how his eyes get so big that they seem to take up half his face.
8. I love how he coughs when he gets upset.
7. I love the little noise he makes when he has a sneeze misfire.
6. I love that he has so many different facial expressions.
5. I love that he has one ear like mine, and one like his daddy's.
4. I love that he looks exactly like Todd (except for the one ear).
3. I love how he sleeps best when he's curled in a little ball on your chest.
2. I love his big smiles when he's on the verge of sleep.

1. Most of all I love that he's mine.
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