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{We are Todd, Jess, Liam, & Carolina at home and sometimes about.}

Take an hour and make these delicious meal prep carnitas burrito bowls so that you can have an easy on-the-go meal ready for during the week!
image via FitFoodieFinds.com
I've wanted to recreate Chipotle's burrito bowls for a while - they are always delicious and feel pretty healthy and definitely very filling! Mexican food is probably our favorite type of food to eat and make at home, so I finally decided to go for it. I semi followed this recipe for the carnitas (I didn't have orange juice so I used lime, and didn't triple the recipe for the pork seasonings even though I tripled the amount of meat - it would probably be even more delicious if I had, but it was good as it was), also for the cilantro lime brown rice, and skipped the corn recipe and just used a bag of roasted corn from Trader Joe's - which smelled terrible but tasted great. I made some guacamole, bought queso fresco/cotija cheese, had lettuce, tomato, peppers, onions (for the others - not me!) and had lots of salsa. It. Was. So. Good. My only regret is not having more leftovers! Here is the link for the pin to all the recipes!

I don't even know what last week was besides craziness. Valentine's Day on a Tuesday and Doughnuts for Dads on Friday made the school week feel  l o n g.  It's always like that when the weekly schedule gets thrown off.
Valentine's Day was funny - we went to Brad's basketball game and then were starving so we got Costco pizza on the way home and the kids opened a few treats. Todd and I celebrated earlier so it didn't really feel like Valentine's Day somehow.
I was glad we didn't have extra plans for the week besides the usual. Carolina got better from the pukes but then got a cold again and I started to get a cold again, but DoTerra to the rescue; I feel fine now! We were really working for the weekend this week, woohoo for a 3-day weekend!  Really though, if it weren't for the weekend this week might have killed me - it's the weather you guys. I was made for sunnier locales. We had a few bright spots, but mostly it was just yuck and the weekend especially - we had a ton of rain and some crazy wind. We made the best of it and caught up on some Oscar nominated movies, I bought myself flowers...twice, had a Boise day, took the kids to a movie courtesy of the grandparents, and tried to rest and enjoy ourselves.
I just struggle with the gloominess, I know I'm not the only one. But it's making me DIE to go someplace. You can't get me out of here fast enough, and sadly I have no where to go until summer break at the soonest! I'm sure we'll fix that, but I need it done, like yesterday... Classic February.

Here's a very short clip of our week..

Now that we are on the other side of winter I can look back on these pictures with appreciation! But really, I forgot that I had them until I was getting Liam's birthday pics off the camera. They are epic enough (for us Idahoans) that I decided I need to post them for posterity if nothing else...
These icicles started out so beautiful...
 ... and then grew to jaw-dropping and deadly lengths... I don't know how many times our children were told not to walk under icicles in this two week span
 I had to try to get a few pretty snow pictures... but there's just that much to take a picture of around my house, and remember we didn't leave for basically 2 weeks

 Hee hee, it was so hard for her to walk in it with it up to her knees, but she had fun.
 Liam was way more into it, he stayed and played well after his sister had come inside.

 This was a few days later, I believe it was 7 below this day, even with the sunshine. But do you see those icicles?!?! They were longer than Liam. We were out knocking them down and Steve came over to shovel the snow off the roof so we wouldn't get ice dams.
 Knocking down icicles was a fun job, I'll admit it. 

Grandma took this picture a few weeks ago, but I only just shared it this week... it seemed fitting now that the snow is GONE! Well mostly gone... But this little activity isn't possible anymore :)

It felt like a rough week - the dang fridge broke again, although dad was able to fix it for us (bless him), Todd was/is still sick, Liam came down with some coughs and sniffles that he just had to tough his way through, and Lina ended the week with some sort of mystery illness including a fever, exhaustion, and one puke. 
We started with some promising sunshine for a minute, then another big snow, and then more sunshine and warmer temps that has melted most of the snow away. The only snow left are where there were really big piles, or if it's a shady spot. Even though it's in the 40s the sun still makes it feel almost springy out. We were able to go out for afternoon recess for the first time in over 2 months!
Thursday was a fun day - Grant brought a Happy Meal to school and ate lunch with Liam (for winning the Superbowl Bingo), and then Todd picked him up from school to go shopping for Grant's birthday present, the afternoon was ballet (which was extra nice for me because I got Starbucks in the way and had a nice chat with my friend there) and basketball practice was late. Friday we celebrated Grant's birthday at the Hawaiian restaurant and played games with the family after. Saturday we had a basketball game - Liam was tired, or... something, but he's not as focused and hustling as much during the games as he was the first one. Hopefully now that the snow is gone he can get out and get some extra practice in the driveway. Then we cleaned..all..afternoon. It was all worth it because Todd and I got to have a date night later and felt good leaving a clean house behind. My parents too the kids overnight so we could go out and stay out late and do whatever, plus we got to sleep in on Sunday morning and be relaxed about getting ready for church. We ate at our favorite restaurant, took a short (cold) walk around the pond, went shopping, and got donuts!
I compiled my Instagram videos for the week like I've done a few other times. I don't know why, but I love doing the IG Stories so much, maybe because it feels less serious than posting a picture?

Like I said though, Carolina had a puke Sunday, at Nana and Poppa's house, in the kitchen. Meanwhile I was blissfully watching TV and eating the doughnuts we had bought the night before. 
Mom didn't even call to let me know until we were just about walking out the door for church. Carolina thankfully didn't puke again but she definitely was sick - she had a fever and was very lethargic and not hungry. She took a 2+ hour nap on Sunday afternoon and then just pretty much wanted to get in bed and have the iPad. Her fever went down and she was good spirits, but we'll see how Monday goes. She has her Valentine's party at school today, I hope she will be feeling well enough to make it! 
I am excited about this week because there are NO PLANS - no doctor, hair, eye appointments, no plans with friends, no parties and we have a 3 day weekend! Well there is basketball, ballet, and I just remembered an extra basketball game to go to - but it feels like a very laid back week, which is good! Maybe it will give us a chance to rest and get better!
Only a couple of weeks late!
We had Pizza Hut lunch, coconut cake, and presents on Liam's actual birthday with the McConnels-Knights-Millers (bowling with friends was the day before) - it was super chill, but after looking over my few pictures and videos, it seems to me that he really enjoyed himself. 
 There isn't anything particularly special about these, but they just bless my heart to watch them, and know I have a sweet moment in time captured forever. 

I forced him outside in the freezing cold to try to get a few 8 year old pictures...
 Um, excuse me, when did he learn that this was a way to pose for pictures? And decide that he was old/cool enough for it?!

 The traditional - I'm losing it with pictures - face...
What a sweet, sweet boy we have. He is so smart, so loving, so positive, sensitive, goofy, and fun-loving. Man, we are proud of him. 
And we managed to get his 8-year-interview done too! I am apparently done doing kid "stats" with birthday posts, but I did make him stand up against the wall with his height measurement from October... and he has literally grown and inch and a half in the last 4 months - sheesh, no wonder we had to ask for new clothes for his birthday!

Butterfinger Krispie Treats - an easy recipe full of Butterfinger Candy Bars!
image via CrazyforCrust.com

Well these are about as easy as dessert gets! I pinned these with big plans for them a while ago, and then just never got around to making them... but while I was out grocery shopping for our SuperBowl food I saw the bag of crushed Butterfinger bars and just went ahead and bought rice krispies and marshmallows too! These are the kind of dessert that I can't stay away from. They are a little too good. Here's the link!
best part of the week was getting to find out what baby Miller is!

Ugh. It was a week. And I am not ready for another.
Literally two weeks ago I was patting myself on the back for being so on top of life. Meals planned and food purchased. House completely clean. Budget / bills / desk all done and cleared off. Lesson plans done and prepared for the weeks ahead. I thought to myself "this will probably all go to crap next week... but I don't see how that could happen! haha." I said this in my head, I don't outloud to myself that much.
But oh the irony. Only it took me two weeks, not one.
We ate whatever randomness was in the fridge/freezer/pantry to avoid going to the grocery store. The house is trashed. Todd is still sick. He did finally go to the doctor, but has a upper respiratory infection from a virus, so there is nothing to make it go away. He just has an inhaler and throat numbing meds and takes lots and lots of dayquil/nyquil. There's where it all started. I really do count on him to help around the house so much, and when he's not 100% stuff just seems to pile up rapidly.
I had not the best week at school. I got not one, but two new kids on the same day, and they were a lot of work/stress for a while. I think we ended the week strong, but I was thrown for a while and then there were a bunch of meetings and changes that we decided would take place immediately... I don't know why we decided this. It seems like it was a poor choice now. Oh and our fridge is on the fritz. That's fun. And and Liam is getting the sickness now, and I'm out of my On Guard essential oil capsules.
This is why I'm always so ready for February to end. January just gets old real fast. I'm feeling tired and whiney and like I've already lost this upcoming week before it's even begun. Hm.
Oh AND all week I meant to post about Liam's birthday and being 8 years old and I just never had time or energy in the evenings to do it. Mannn. Send all the coffees. And the sunshine. I'm going to need it to get me to the next weekend!