Disneyland & Half Marathon Videos

Because I've been blogging from my phone lately (in bed, as I'm falling asleep and realize I forgot to do it) I haven't been posting videos - for whatever reason the blogger app doesn't have that capability, so today and tomorrow I'm posting all of the videos I've been storing up. First - the few, less than amazing videos I have from the half marathon... it's hard to run and film, but I'm glad I got some...

Walking up to the starting line.

Running through the castle.

This is where you feel like a kid running to your favorite ride.

My favorite parade - Paint the Night - I get chills every time.

Liam driving us in Autopia - he took it very seriously.

Dinner outside at Trader Sam's / Tangaroa Terrace came with live music - "I Lava You" - so good.

A video view from our Disneyland Hotel room - *heart eyes*

And a quick one of  the awesome waterslide and a Lina coming out at the end.

Oh, and some videos from our tour of CBU and our day at Newport Beach
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