The week: July 19-25

I'm sorry I haven't posted in so long! We got back from Maui beyond exhausted and between recovering from vacation ;) and unpacking, cleaning, catching up - and getting a new family member - it's been a very busy few weeks and it felt pretty nice to not have to think about one more thing - I needed a break from the computer! But as school gets closer (3 weeks left) it feels like it's time to get my affairs in order and start easing into a typical school-time routine. 
The week started out with Todd's birthday - there was a real possibility he would share his birthday with the baby... for a minute. We went to lunch at the YardHouse and then swam and had cake. Carolina chose to hammer some nails instead.

One of my Babes In Disneyland friends sent me this AMAZING mug - her husband went on a business trip - how nice of him to bring these back for us!!!

Liam had soccer camp - which I meant to get a picture of - but the week was so busy I think I ended up having someone else pick him up 3 of the 4 days... he really loved it though. It made me wish I had found a few more summer things for him to do.

Then of course, the best and most exciting part about the week came with little Whit arrived!!! I spent Wednesday at the hospital waiting and waiting - and it was worth it, but I didn't get to see him as much as I would've liked so I went back the next morning. What a little love.

Liam got a minor injury on the trampoline at this friends house - he manged to flip right into the spot where the "door" was... and out he went. I was thinking he'd be getting an xray on that collarbone before the week was over - and honestly it looks worse today than it did - but he's fine. Perfectly capable of every movement and activity, whew!

This week Steve and Linda are gone and Mom and Dad are leaving I think.. so my hope is to stay home more (since I have no babysitters) and just knock out some projects that still need doing before I go back to work. And to swim. And to see my nephew as much as possible :)

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