Happy National Donut Day!

Did you think I would miss THIS?! Oh no. Donuts (or is it doughnuts) are our favorite! Todd, of course, has to work so he couldn't accompany us - but Nana did - however everyone started cramming donuts in their mouths before I could get any great pictures. 
We went to Guru first, but the line was like I have never seen it before. My mom counted about 70 people and it was wrapped entirely around the store. So we went to DK, which was fine with her since she's never been, and they are delicious, and we were all happy not to have to wait in a long line. My favorite are the white cake with chocolate frosting and nuts. My mom and Liam loved their maple bars and Carolina fell out of her seat half way through and dropped her doughnut, so then she shared with Nana. 
This is a holiday I can get behind :) there's actually a reason too, you can read about it here.

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