Summer Week 9: Work, work, work.

I woke up on Saturday and the first thought I had was that I had two weeks left of summer vacation... and that the next time I will have two weeks off will be at Christmas. And I became a little depressed. Now I just have to try not to think about it, while also trying to prepare everything for going back to work.
Last week I became obsessed with getting projects done, it was my goal - and I achieved it! In fact I got all of my goal projects done that I possibly could! There are a couple of things I still need to do but can't right now for one reason or another (like can't find the fabric I need to make a certain pillow, etc). So I'm calling last week a success! Although it was rather a failure as a parent. I always feel like a terrible mom when I'm in that busy-getting-stuff-done mode. This coming week my goal is to get all of the cleaning and random around-the-house jobs done, try some new healthier recipes, but take more breaks with the kids too. It should be doable, I don't think the chores will take as long, there are quite a few, but they aren't too involved, it's just a bunch of little things I put off - like changing the filters, spraying the weeds, or wiping down the blinds. If I get all of that stuff done then the next week I want to lots of fun stuff with the kids, take them to parks, froyo, a movie... and I'll probably also take them to school with me and start working on getting organized.

braided pigtails are THE CUTEST EVER - I feel like a little girl playing with dolls, but really she's the little girl and a doll :)

my hands after all that spray painting - I felt like a zombie

my grocery shopping helper - I like having her help but it does double the time it would normally take to shop

Liam went fishing with Papa twice, first time no luck, second time two trout! (which we gave back to Papa to do something with)

We stopped in the NNU science building after church to check out the polar bear and frogs... Lina was very clear with us that the bear was dead and he couldn't talk
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