Project: Liam's School Desk

I only had one goal for Liam's room this summer, and that was to find him a desk, something he could do his homework at. I searched for a long time, we even looked at Ikea, but everything either was too large for his small room, wasn't the right style, or was more than was I wanted to pay.
I was going to the thrift and consignment stores every week and having no luck - well when Jen texted me this (from a thrift store I had just visited that week) I knew I had to be there at opening the next day and jump on this chair/desk combo. $13!!

It wasn't in the best shape - I knew I was going to paint it anyway though, and if I find a better chair it can easily be replaced, but with some paint and poly, it doesn't get much better than this! It's so cute in his room. Eventually I want to get him a bunk bed and redo the decor and bedding in his room, at which point we will go with the navy blue/gray/white theme of the desk (and his room is already gray) - until then, this is a good start and I accomplished what I was hoping for!

I think the little trays were $4 from Target, of course

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