About in Park City: Downtown & Olympic Park

When we were in Salt Lake, Jen and Grant  recommended we all go to Park City, Utah since they had been before and liked it - so we went! Park City is only about 45 minutes from Salt Lake City, and if you want to go to Olympic Park to see where the 2002 Winter Olympics were held, you go about another 15 minutes up the mountain. It was very interesting - there's a neat visitors center with lots of pictures and artifacts not only from the 2002 Olympics, but also past ones, and a whole history of skiing and skating. We got to watch some little kids practicing at the training center and a show by some professionals - it was amazing! Then we did a little walking around down to the bobsled route. 
she insisted on the backpack

quite the scenic spot

I don't know how they look down that hill and say to them selves "yeh, I'll just go ahead and throw myself down there"

these people are nuts!

you can't tell, but this bison head puppet from the opening head ceremonies was enormous

How fun would it have been to see it in action!

Then it was time for lunch and time to explore the main street of downtown/historic Park City.

It's a really really cute little part of town, reminds me a lot of Sun Valley, except more squished together. We had a really yummy lunch at the Blue Iguana (once affiliated with the Red Iguana) and walked around - you could probably spend most of a day here... if you didn't have two tired and cranky children ;) We liked it, and I would totally go back again!

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