Summer Week 2: Sunshine & Sickies

This was from crazy hair day at VBS - he knows
how to pull it off!
He helped me make brownies! But the best part
 is licking the paddle of course!
Carolina's pukes from last Sunday were the only ones she had, but the rest of the week she battled with fever and lots of diahrrea. I could count on one hand the times in her life she'd had a diaper blow-out, she's now tripled that number at least. Poor girl. She seemed to feel better in the morning, so after we dropped Liam off at VBS we would go run errands like mad and be back in time to pick Liam up. We got a lot of stuff done in the mornings, during naptime I would either do more chores, relax, nap, exercise, it was a smorgasbord. It was an absolutely gorgeous warm week - we were in the pool a lot, twice on Thursday - then, oh so ironically Liam puked on our way home from the pool. But his wasn't a little puke on his clothes, like Carolina - it was all over the car and then several times out the door once we pulled over, then again as we were driving up the street to our house. And he puked for 16 hours straight - every 20 minutes, sometimes holding off for 40. None of us got any sleep that night. I don't do well with puke, the smell or sight of it makes me gag and sometimes puke. But Todd being the only person at work on Friday was a manager (and he is only a manager because the manager is also gone on maternity leave), he had to go in. If there's a consolation it's that the weather went from 91 degrees Thursday to 68 Friday - so we're didn't miss any great swimming weather or anything. Todd came down with it Friday night, and I did Sunday morning - ours were not as bad as poor Liam's who continued to be sick until I took him to Quick Care on Saturday night. It's going to be a slow recovery for him I think, he's very wobbly, I'm just glad he's done puking. In a way it's a good thing all the family was out of town, so we couldn't spread it to them. I've got a busy week ahead of me, please pray for us that we will recover quickly!
She is the best little shopping partner already, she
trots along beside me, oohs and ahhs at things,
and even knows how to coordinate an outfit,
complete with accessories (wallet and sunglasses!)
This is what sick looks like at our house -
make-shift bed on the floor of mom and
dad's room (P.S. he licked the paddle several
days before this, no connection)

I managed to paint Carolina's room on Saturday while I
was home taking care of the sickies - it's navy blue -
I'm excited to get project Big Girl Room going!
She did a test nap in Liam's bed and did great~!

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