Pin of the Week: Chocolate Chip Cookie Cups

 I had the idea to make a special little dessert after Liam's preschool program to celebrate the end of his first year of school. I'd seen many pins like these around, and thought it would be the perfect thing - cookie ice cream bowls! Liam picked the ice cream (mint chocolate chip, plus I threw in vanilla for good measure), and I made chocolate sauce, and got whipped cream, sprinkles, and cherries to make it the perfect sundae. I decided to skip the ginormous Disneyland cookie recipe that I normally make since I was running low on ingredients and tried this one from Picky Palate, they turned out great - perfect, really! I scooped dough into muffin tins, pressed it in and around the cup, but needed to use my scoop to press down in the middle anyway to make them more bowl-like. I pressed during the baking and at the end, I also stuck my cookies back in for a few extra minutes on the bottom rack because it seemed like the bottoms were still not quite done when the rest of the cookie was. I made I think 18 cups, and scooped and froze the rest of the dough for later - but I think it would've made 2.5 or 3 dozen cookies easily.

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