California To-Dos:

I did one of these last year, it was fun, and I got everything checked off my list! This year will be much of the same, some different because we won't be in Disneyland as long, and in San Diego I don't really know what to expect. But just for funzies...

Bakersfield (2 days):
- Dewar's - the marshmallow sauce, oh heavens!
- Panera Bread - gotta get my Mediterannean Veggie
- Trader Joe's - definitely going to stock up on the Kona Coffe Shortbread, and I'm sure we'll find some other treats
- Strawberry Patches - maybe find some new pillow sham fabric, or something for Carolina's bday
- In N Out Burger - cheeseburger and animal style fries and stomach-ache, here I come!

Disneyland (1 day):
- Get an anniversary button
- Pick up some new recipes from Town Hall
- Share a mint julep, dole whip, cream cheese pretzel with Todd - don't share a cotton candy
- Try something new from Jolly Holiday
- Do whatever I want, whenever I want :)

San Diego/Oceanside (3 days):
- Beach! and maybe the Pier - Lina's got to stick her toes in the Pacific!
- Balboa Park - free fun for the kids
- Pasadena Flea Market (on the way out of SD) - this is going to be epic
- Morning Farmer's MarketSunset Market - might be fun
- Any one of these places - gotta take it from one who knows
- And I would love to eat at Oscar's, for old-time's-sake
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